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“Working with Whitni was initially for spicing up my life with my wifey. But what I got in return was beyond just my marriage. It was all of LIFE things that I started to improve on. How you do one thing is how you do all things. Whitni has taught me how to slow down and switch up the lens in how I live my life. Am I perfect at it ? Nope but am I in progress. Yes. Thank you 😊

Kari  DeWitt…

“Whitni was instrumental in helping me examine my beliefs around pleasure and sex. I come from a very religious background where these subjects are taboo and quite honestly, areas where I held a lot of shame and guilt for most of my life.

Working with Whitni gave me a safe space to not only explore the beliefs I had but also to take ownership of my body, my pleasure, and my sexuality in a way that brought me healing, cultivated self-confidence, and an understanding that my body, my pleasure, and my sexuality are something to be celebrated. 

This work has been a needle mover for my personal life and my sex life (solo and coupled) and my relationships. And it has also been a game changer for my professional life as this was a roadblock that was holding me back from WAY more than just sexual pleasure. It’s all connected. Being detached and at one time in complete opposition to my body, my pleasure, and my needs was affecting and damaging to my sense of self worth and it was affecting every area of my life.”

Mary Andersen…

“I, like many, found Whitni through TikTok. I quietly followed her…listening, learning, & being open minded about what she could teach me. As it happens, I was already following & working with a business partner of hers and ended up attending a retreat they hosted in October 2022. It was a phenomenal weekend. I learned SO much about myself, my comfort levels, things I’m excited to look forward to, true genuine communication, what healthy boundaries are & how to set/keep them, how to communicate clearly without fear of judgement, & SO much more. Since that amazing retreat I’ve felt empowered to step into my full authentic self with a confidence I haven’t had since I was a young child! I consider her a friend & an inspiration! I feel truly lucky to have met her!”

Anonymous  Client

I have been working with Whitni for about 3 months. I chose a coach instead of a therapist because I’m action oriented. My experiences in therapy had been centered around me talking but no suggestions about how to improve or what to try. Whitni is extremely knowledgeable and she listens. Time with her every other week allows me to focus on me on what I am doing to be the best person and partner I can be. I am always surprised when she asks a question that helps me get clarity, particularly when the answer to the question seems so simple. She has suggested books and podcasts for me to learn additional things about my experience. Whitni is completely judgment free, which allows me to be completely honest.”

Lisa Flynn…

“This course has been so helpful to me. As a recently transitioned trans woman, I have been struggling with how to have sex in my new body. This course has helped me understand where I was going wrong. I have to get out of my head and into my body. “

Anonymous  Client

“I found Whitni via TikTok and immediately loved what I saw of her there. Her vibrance, humor, knowledge, and passion motivated me to take a chance and set up a coaching session. I’m so glad I took that risk! I haven’t had great luck with past therapy experiences, and turns out Whitni is exactly what I’ve been looking for: a coach, not a therapist. She listens carefully and asks smart questions that make me think, all without any trace of judgment. She suggests books and podcasts for me to consider, and she engages me with humor and kindness and wisdom. I look forward to my time with her every other week; it’s a totally unique space in my life that is just for me. Whitni helps me focus on how I can be the very best person and partner I can be, and I’m so grateful for her!”


“Simply put, Whitni’s content is life changing. She shares her vast knowledge in a way that’s non-judgmental, easy to understand, and relatable to many facets of life. Thanks to Whitni, I’ve gained insight on becoming more vulnerable and expressive with my partner, which has enhanced the love and intimacy in my marriage -in ways I didn’t even know were possible.”

…Julianna St Amand

“Had the most amazing experience with Whitni and my Girlfriend, she helped us so much with our relationship. Whitni was compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, intelligent, informed, knowledgeable, more than we could have hoped. We will be using her again and are so grateful for her service ❤️”


“Whitni Miller provides a safe and judgement-free space to talk and learn about power dynamics.She is well educated and articulate on the matters of kink, pleasure, communication, and relationship dynamics. She offers comprehensive information and tools to get started thinking about what you want and need for yourself and from your partner(s). I highly recommend Whitni for your sex education needs.”


“BDE Moves webinar on Responsive Desire really helped understand myself, be kinder to myself, and my husband and I are excited to explore more and understand myself more! It was the missing piece of the puzzle to understanding our sex lives! Thanks Whitni!”

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