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Sex Education & Pleasure Coaching

BDE Moves helps you shift your mindset from performance to pleasure. We offer sex education & pleasure coaching to the general population. The ultimate goal is to create a judgment free space for humans to feel safe being curious

Below are the three most common ways to work with Whitni!

1:1 Coaching

Would you like to work with BDE Moves – Whitni to feel empowered in your own pleasure independently or with a partner? Schedule a 1:1 Coaching session with her or schedule a session with her & your partner(s) to have deeply empowering conversation surrounding your pleasure, breakdown barriers, & increase your understanding of yourself and/or each other.

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Attend a workshop when they are offered. Join BDE Moves – Whitni at one of her workshops: Shifting From Performance to Pleasure Based Sex, D/s Dynamic 101, Late Blooming Lesbian – Sex Ed, Navigating Responsive Desire, Self Pleasure. Attend live, ask questions, learn directly from her, & get empowered in your pleasure. She will answer questions, help you think deeply about your own experiences, & encourage you to shift your mindset. Want to simply watch it on your own? Easy, purchase access to a recording of the workshop to learn on your own time.

*Late Blooming Lesbian – Sex Ed workshop is for October 4th 7:30-10pm EST is SOLD OUT

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About BDE Moves

Whitni Miller, CEO of BDE Moves, focuses on sex education & pleasure coaching specializing in queer sex & relational communication. She uses Instagram & TikTok to disseminate pleasure centered, sex education to the general population. Whitni is trauma-informed, kink-informed, & utilizes her yoga philosophy background to facilitate healing that empowers her clients to own their pleasure. Her goal is to expand our knowledge & understanding of intimacy, sex, arousal, desire, & all the in between. Ultimately creating a judgment free space for humans to feel safe being curious.

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This is a headshot image of Whitni looking over her left shoulder wearing a red dress with her hair curly & loose and her BDE Moves logo in the background.

Performance  Based

  • Penetration (w/a penis, fingers, or dildo) is the main event
  • Sex ends with ejaculation
  • Often includes rigid expectations of partners or own body
  • May feel like sex is following a script or routine
  • May feel anxious about not having an orgasm
  • May feel anxious about not satisfying a partner
  • May include tolerating pain or discomfort
  • Limited clear communication
  • Feeling “Stuck in your head”

*Source – Pleasure Centered Sexology

Pleasure  Based

  • Includes multiple activities
  • Agreement of what sex includes is decided in collaboration
  • Regular check-ins
  • Orgasm is a bonus not centra/ required
  • May include use of all body parts & accessories
  • Arousal allowed to come before desire
  • Does not require or expect anything from any persons body (eg bodily response, specific body type, ability or skill level)
  • Ends when any person wants it to end
  • May look different each time or include regular pleasurable activities
  • Focus on physical sensations